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Coding Applications

Independent Ink is proud to offer cutting-edge coding applications for a wide range of industries. From the food and beverage sector to the wire, cable, medical and graphics industries, our printers and inks provide our customers with high quality product identification solutions. No matter your specific coding application, we have inks and printers available for you that will meet or exceed industry standards. Regardless of your production environment and printing line speeds, we have the equipment and supplies you need to properly code and mark your products, whether through barcodes, date and time information, traceability codes and more.

Choose from one of the primary coding applications we service:


For more information, please contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions you have or help you locate a specific product.

Supported printers and brands

Our supported printers for continuous ink jet (CIJ) applications include Videojet®, Imaje® and Willet®.

The following brands are also compatible with our ink products: Videojet®, Domino®, Imaje®, Linx®, Willett® and Weidenbach®.

Please note that Independent Ink, Inc. may manufacture inks and fluids for printers not mentioned here. Please contact us to verify potential compatibility.