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Sunclipse Digital InksEstablished in 1939, Independent Ink, Inc. employs a team of R&D chemists with over 50 years combined ink jet development experience. Our Research and Development team is experienced at analyzing and developing the most complex application for our customers, with a unique understanding of water-based ink, pigment ink, solvent and eco-solvent ink and Sepaix inks

As a leader in the field of ink jet ink technology, Independent Ink designs and manufactures high-quality replacement inks for the leading industrial and digital printer brands. In particular, we custom-create inks perfect for us on porous and non-porous materials or products forumalted specifically for variable speed ink jet printing. 

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We carry digital printing inks for the following brands:

About Our Ink

We manufacture both dye based and pigment based inks that are characterized by a wide color gamut, extensive open time and double set “absolute” rated sub micron filtration. Utilizing our proprietary UV7® fade resistant technology, these inks are durable and well suited for outdoor applications.

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