Reducing Printing Costs By Reducing Your Environmental Impact

Printers are a staple for almost every business, and a costly one. From paper to ink to printers the dollar signs add up quickly with printing supplies. Printer inks can be the most expensive liquid that you buy even pricier than oil and fine champagne. Printing can also take a toll on our environment. The more paper we use, the more trees we cut down. There’s also great energy expenditure with printing. Printers and copiers are some of the most energy intensive machines in the workplace. Energy is required to print the documents and create the paper. If we can use less paper when printing we will decrease the amount of trees we need to cut down and reduce the amount of energy we use for printing and paper creation. Below are some tips to start cutting down on your printing costs and your environmental impact.

  • Purchase recycled paper from your paper supplier. Most paper suppliers today have a recycled option.
  • Recycle documents when you are finished with it. You could use that paper again (if you print on one side) shred it for packing materials or use it as scrap paper.
  • Buy recycled printer cartridges and recycle your printer cartridges when they’re empty.
  • Avoid buying replacement printer ink from the name brand companies since they tend charge more. There are a number of OEM-compatible ink manufacturers out there that produce ink of the same high-quality at a fraction of the cost.
  • Expand margins on documents. This will help you fit more text on each page so you can print fewer pages.
  • Decreasing the font size and spacing will also help you fit more text on each page.
  • Change fonts. Different fonts use different amounts of ink.
  • Print on both sides of the paper.
  • Only print what is necessary. In your browser you can select specific pages that you want printed so you are not printing unwanted pages.

Even just enacting a few of these tips will help decrease your printing costs especially when done across a whole company. For more affordable replacement printer inks take a look at Independent Ink’s selection of digital printing inks. Printing sustainably saves energy, reduces paper use, cuts down on waste and improves your bottom line!

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Buying OEM-Compatible Inks

For both businesses and individuals, digital printing costs can have a big impact on your budget. The leading digital printing brands sell printers and inks as a package deal, but when it comes time to replace your ink, many are surprised at how expensive brand-name ink refills can be. While many businesses choose to continue to purchase OEM inks at the higher cost, putting a little bit of time into researching an OEM-compatible ink can pay off in the long term.

OEM vs OEM-Compatible

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer – all OEM inks are created by the same brand as your printer. In other words, large format digital printing brands like Mimaki or HP create a line of OEM inks meant to replace the ink in their printers. The advantage of OEM ink is that they maintain the same high quality as your original set of inks after purchasing the printer. However, they often include a significant mark-up that is restrictive to businesses that rely on printing.

OEM-Compatible inks can be any ink meant to replace name-brand ink in a certain type of printer. Purchasing low quality replacement inks from manufacturers that claim to be OEM-Compatible can be risky because you could actually damage your printer or hinder its function. However, there are many OEM-Compatible ink manufacturers with experience that design and manufacture inks of the same quality or better than the original brand. Available at a much lower price point, these inks can really improve your bottom-line.

So how do you know? Here are some tips for how to find the right OEM-Compatible ink manufacturer:

Choose OEM-Compatible ink designed for your exact printer make and model

Large format digital printers are both expensive and complicated machines. Generic inks designed for different types of print heads and printer brands may not be as high quality as an ink that takes your specific printer and print-head into account. Look for ink that is designed exactly for that particular use.

Vet the ink manufacturer before you buy

How long has the ink manufacturer been in business? What is their experience in the ink industry and the digital ink industry? Many OEM-Compatible ink manufacturers have been in business for decades and they are a trusted ink provider to many businesses across different industries. Name brands, like HP or Canon, often communicate trust and longevity, but there has been a demand for OEM-Compatible ink manufacturers since the beginning of digital printing!

Contact the ink manufacturer directly

Before you invest in OEM-Compatible ink, call the ink manufacturer directly and ask them what type of ink is best for your printer and medium. This is also a good way to find out if they have good customer service in case a problem arises with your ink! As the designer and manufacturer, these companies should have representatives that can help advise you and ensure that you get the OEM-Compatible ink that is perfect for your application.

About Independent Ink

Independent Ink was established in 1939 as a custom formulator of government and military specification inks and solvents. With over 2 million gallons sold to date, Independent Ink designs custom aftermarket ink products for both industrial applications and digital printing. Contact us today to learn more about our OEM-Compatible digital inks and how we can serve your business.

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The Advantages of Digital Printing on Fabric

Digital Printing on FabricTransferring ink onto textiles is an ancient practice used to add complex designs through screen printing. Digital printers for fabric printing are a relatively new invention, opening up a wide variety of new options for the textile industry. Using dye-based inks and specialty printers, it is possible to print on substrates from cotton to polyester.

Advantages of digital printing

Digital fabric printing has a number of advantages over screen printing because digital printers are more flexible to use.

Because digital printers can print small runs without wasting or over-using ink, companies can prototype designs before printing a full run. For this reason, digital printing can be a more economical option for many printers. Digital printers also enable companies to customize their design and directly apply images from a computer to fabric.

By utilizing eco-solvent inks and utilizing prototyping to minimize wasted materials, companies can also lower the environmental impact of printing on fabric through digital printing.

Types of digital printers for fabric

There are a number of wide format digital printers that can print on fabric, including the following main brands:

What type of ink should you buy?

Digital printing ink is chosen according to what type of substrate you want to print on. Different types of ink may be necessary for a nylon fabric versus silk. Take into consideration the structure of the fabric: how ink bonds with your substrate depends on properties like the weave or knit of the material. Contact Independent Ink to learn more about what type of ink is right for your specific application.

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An Introduction to Fine Arts Printing

Digital printing can be an integral part of an artist’s body of work and the pieces she creates. Whether an artist works in a digital medium or just needs to create prints of an original piece, she will want to control how a piece is printed on a digital printer as a part of the creative process and the distribution of her work.

What types of digital printers are used?

There are a number of different digital printers equipped to handle fine arts digital printing, but some of the best wide-format printers available are from Epson, Canon and HP. These printers create beautiful prints in a variety of sizes and accept the most popular and vivid fine arts inks.

Whether you want to purchase a printer and render your own prints or have a print shop handle your fine art prints, selecting the right printer for your work is crucial.

What inks are best for fine arts printing?

For Giclees and high-quality prints, most printers will use Archival Inks. These inks are capable of producing long-lasting, museum quality prints, perfect for the fine arts. Typically, Archival inks will be made from fade-resistant pigment-based ink.

Pigment inks will not shift in hue or tone as they dry or over-time, even with some exposure to light. However, it is still best to protect your prints by displaying them away from sunlight or environmental hazards – you can even protect your art with UV glass.

What is the best substrate to use?

Part of this depends on personal preference. Do you want a matte or glossy finish? Would you prefer a heavier, canvass texture or a thin paper? There are a number of substrates that are commonly used in Fine Arts printing:

  • Photo paper
  • Watercolor paper
  • Cotton canvass
  • Textured vinyl
  • Other substrates for multi-media artists, like aluminum or foam board

Consider which substrate will have the best print permanence. How will ink adhere to your chosen substrate? Is that substrate particularly sensitive to light exposure or ozone?

Be sure to look for a substrate with a high-quality coating since pigment inks adhere to the coating, rather than permeating the substrate. Run-of-the-mill office paper used in common printers do not typically have a coating, which means they will render a lower-quality print.

Getting started

Before you purchase a printer, consult an expert on digital printing to find out what kind of printer and ink are right for you. With more than 70 years in the printing industry, Independent Ink designs and manufactures custom printing solutions for industrial printers and digital printers.

We sell high-quality replacement inks for the most popular digital printer models, including Canon, Epson, HP and more! Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you get started.

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What is the difference between pigment and dye ink?

printerWhen it comes to digital printing inks, there a variety of types to choose from depending on your application and substrate, but two of the most common forms of digital inks are pigment-based inks and dye-based inks.

If you are wondering what the best option is for you and your business, take a look at these helpful tips:

Dye-Based Inks

Composed of colorant dissolved in water, these soluble inks are what you will find most often in a standard inkjet printer. These inks are designed to permeate the substrate you are printing on, resulting in vivid colors. Often, dye inks come in a wider variety of colors, and they are less expensive that pigment inks.

The draw-back of dye-based inks is that they fade more easily. So if you need your ink to last a long time or withstand the elements, dye inks may not be the best choice for you. They also may not work well with a glossy or more water-resistant substrate.

Pigment-Based Inks

Although pigment inks tend to be more expensive, they can be well-worth the price if you are printing on a tricky substrate or need your ink to withstand decades of wear and tear. Designed to adhere to the substrate instead of permeate it, pigment ink is made up of small particles in a solution.

These inks tend to have greater color stability, meaning they will not shift in tone or hue as they dry and they will not fade as quickly as dye-based inks. They are also perfect for more rigid, non-porous substrates.

What’s the right option for your business?

Consider what substrate you are printing on and how long you need your inks to last. Because pigment-based inks tend to be more expensive, your budget is also an important factor. If you are looking for top-of-the-line dye or pigment-based inks for your digital printer at a lower price, we carry high-quality replacement ink for all of the name brands. Contact Independent Ink today to talk over your printing needs, and we can find the right option for your budget!

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What is digital printing?

Sunclipse Digital InksModern digital printing enables you to take an image from your computer and print it directly onto the surface of a material or product. Unlike an applique or silk-screen printing, digital printers are more flexible and produce a beautiful, highly-detailed finished product that can be easily customized for each print job.

Typically requiring a larger format laser or inkjet printer, digital printing takes away the hassle of having to reconfigure an ink-transfer process for each substrate or image. It allows for on-demand printing and short turnaround time. For more rigid or difficult substrates, you can even purchase specialty inks that do not permeate the substrate, but form a thin layer on the surface that is then cured with a toner or UV light.

Below are the various types of digital printing inks:

Dye Ink

Standard in most inkjet printers, dye-based inks are colorant dissolved in liquid. Typically, dye-based inks are also water-based.

Pigment Ink

Made up of a powder-like particles that adhere to the surface of your substrate instead of permeating the surface, these inks are typically brighter and more vivid.

Solvent Ink

Solvent inks are similar to dye-inks, but they are not water-based. Typically, these are used on substrates that are not absorbent and need an ink application that is water-resistant. These inks can also include eco-solvent inks, which include a solvent that has a lower environmental impact.

Sepaix Ink

With a thicker polymer-water-base, Sepaix inks are a type of pigment ink most often used on vinyl and coated stock.

If you are looking for digital printing inks, Independent Ink sells replacement ink for some of the leading digital printing manufacturers, including HP, Epson, Mimaki, Roland and more. Quality-tested for performance, but provided to you at a lower cost, our inks are the perfect solution for your business.

For any questions about digital printing or our products, contact us today.

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Inks for Your Domino Inkjet Printer

Domino InkjetHere at Independent Ink, we strive to create custom solutions to meet the needs of our customers and the market, and we are the largest producer of aftermarket inks. Every ink we produce is quality-tested for performance and created with the latest technology. Although we got our start producing custom aerospace inks for NASA, we now serve a variety of industries across the globe with custom coding and marking solutions.

As a custom printer and ink producer, over the years we have developed replacement inks for many of the leading brands, allowing companies with industrial printing needs to purchase replacement inks at a lower price, while maintaining the same high quality.

Many of our customers use a Domino Inkjet Printer or a Drop on Demand (DOD) printer for their coding needs, so we carry a full line of replacement Domino ink and make-up products.  As a leader in Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) inks and printers, Domino is a trusted printer manufacturer used world-wide. With our replacement ink, you can focus on your business instead of worrying about printing costs.

We produce replacement Domino inks for a variety of substrates, including ketone, alcohol and water-based inks, complete with compatible additives and cleaners. We also provide MSDS for each of our products upon request!

If you are looking for a less expensive alternative for your Domino Inkjet Printer, view our full line of Domino Inks or contact us today!

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Replacement Inks for Markem Imaje

Markem Imaje InksWith over 70 years of experience creating printers, inks and custom products, Independent Ink is a leading manufacturer and innovator in the industrial printing world.  We produce hundreds of replacement inks for leading printer manufacturers, including the most popular continuous inkjet models from Markem Imaje.

As one of the world’s largest provider of product identification solutions, Markem Imaje produces some of the most popular and widely-used inkjet printers. Markem printers are used across a variety of printing substrates, including plastic, glass metal, cardboard and directly onto food.  When it comes to buying ink, Independent Ink’s replacement inks for your Markem printer are not only high quality, matching or exceeding the quality of your current inks, but they are also a fraction of the cost.

Just like your favorite Markem ink products, we carry water, alcohol, ketone and acetate-based inks, as well as additives and cleaners matched with each of our ink products for any application.  We create food grade inks safe for direct-to-food printing, as well as inks made for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, electronic, cable and postal applications.

Our replacement products are fully compatible with your name-brand printer and are available at affordable prices.  If you are looking for replacement Markem Imaje ink, consider Independent Ink! Contact us today for MSDS or more details.

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What is a continuous ink printer and how does it work?

Code Cube Continuous Inkjet Printer

Continuous inkjet technology is one of the most mature ink jet technologies available and also one of the most versatile.  Perfect for a variety of uses across most substrates and industries, a CIJ printer is both more affordable for many than more complicated technologies and very useful!

Using a high pressure pump, CIJ printers push liquid inks through a gunbody and a microscopic nozzle to create a continuous stream of ink.  This continuous ink system is non-contact, which eliminates any potential printing damage to the product or packaging. It also allows for high-speed printing, which is essential for many industries.

Depending on the specific needs of each industry, most continuous ink printers can be fitted with a variety of inks, including solvent-based inks with ketones or alcohols for faster dry times.  These printers can accommodate nearly any printing environment, whether you are printing 24-hours per day or just occasionally.  However, if you plan to print only occasionally or to start and stop, consider an ink that will not coagulate.

Small character CIJ printers, in particular, are perfect for everything from printing bar codes or expiration dates to graphics printing.  These precision printers will work across nearly any substrate, including flat, curved and textured surfaces.

If you’re interested in learning more about Continuous Ink System technology, contact our experts at Independent Ink to learn more about the technology or our products!

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Videojet Replacement Inks

Videojet InksFounded in 1939, Independent Ink has a long history innovating and producing the top ink and printing products for a variety of industries.  We started with marking inks for the aerospace industry with a special NASA contract, but now we produce inks for everything from food and beverage barcoding to digital wide format printers for the graphic design industry.

As an expert in the industrial and commercial printing industries, we know that having a quality, low-maintenance option at the best price is essential for your business.  Our products are designed with cutting-edge research and experience to ensure that you can focus on your core-competencies instead of your printing needs.  We also can produce MSDS for our products upon request, just contact us!

Aside from our printers and Independent Ink brand inks, we also produce a variety of inks for popular printers created by other manufacturers like Hewlett Packard and Videojet Technologies Inc.  In fact, we produce over 100 high-quality replacement inks for Videojet Printers at a fraction of the cost other companies charge.  We pride ourselves on offering our decades of experience to create a high quality product at affordable prices for our customers.

If you are looking for Videojet Inks, we carry a full-line of replacement products, including solvent inks, UV inks, and cleaners.  Many of our solvent inks dry as fast if not faster than your original Videojet inks and write on a variety of substrates to fit whatever your printing needs are.

View our full line of Videojet  Printer Inks or contact us today to learn more!

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