Independent Ink

About Us

Independent Ink is located in Los Angeles California, USA in proximity to the LAX International Airport.

Independent Ink Incorporated
13700 S. Gramercy Place
Gardena CA 90249
Tel: (310) 523 4657
Fax: (310) 329 5366

Independent Ink Inc. was established in 1939 as a custom formulator of government and military specification inks and solvents. In 1980 a major U.S. bottler asked us to develop jet printing and make-up inks specifically formulated to work with continuous ink jet (CIJ) and drop on demand (DOD) printing equipment. With over 2 million gallons sold to date, Independent Ink is the nation's leading after-market manufacturer of jet printing inks and make-up inks.

Independent Ink has been manufacturing specialty inks since 1939. Originating as a custom manufacturer of aerospace specification inks, Independent has continually introduced and added new and progressive ink products. Today, we manufacture a wide range of products that encompasses the entire spectrum of marking inks. As inkjet technology and applications further develop, Independent Ink will add products to meet the demanding requirements of our customers.