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Egg Coding

Egg Coding

Independent Ink offers egg coding solutions for egg manufacturers and retailers. Utilizing our line of industrial printers and inks, we can provide reliable coding on eggs that offers pertinent information related to food safety, data collection and product identification.

From printing on egg cartons to direct printing on egg shells, Independent Ink’s coding solutions offer the ability to clearly and safely label egg products with unbeatable uptime and speed.

Independent Ink offers you, the user, the choice of printing on cartons before or after the carton closing mechanism.  Printing before the closer eliminates printing on eggs, unmarked cartons and rework.

Health and sanitation regulatory agencies require that egg ink meet strict standards. At Independent Ink, we provide poultry ink and other printing technologies that are safe to use on both outer packaging as well as directly on egg shells. Specifically, our products include food-grade inks for direct printing on eggs, and aqueous and solvent-based inks are available for egg carton printing together with thermal ink jet (TIJ) printers based on Lexmark™ cartridges.

Networking software allows control of up to 20 individual print heads from a single, central location allowing fast and accurate product changeovers.

CA-SEFS ( California Shell Egg Food Safety) regulations requiring labelling of cartons went into effect in January 2015.  For those egg producers who are partially compliant with the new cage regulations, digital printing offers a solution to identify individual cartons without having to inventory compliant and non-compliant cartons.  To meet the 1/4" height requirement and offer 2 lines or more of text we offer the CodeJet printer with available traversing system.

For more information on our egg coding, please contact us.  A member of our team will be happy to assist you.