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Art Printing

Art printing requires high-quality, vivid inks that will stand the test of time. At Independent Ink, we offer a variety of OEM-compatible digital inks for the leading digital printers, including pigmented water-based inks, eco-solvent inks and dye-based inks. We have more than 70 years of experience custom manufacturing inks and we are trusted ink provider across a variety of industries. Each of our inks is custom-designed and tested for a specific digital printer.

Our Digital Art Printing Inks

We carry a variety of inks depending on your printer model and needs. Whether you are rendering your own prints or working with a print shop, choosing the right digital printer is important! Our inks are suitable for:

  • Archival and museum-quality prints
  • Large-scale print production
  • Large-format prints
  • Multiple substrates, from photo paper to vinyl.

View our full selection of digital printing inks for the leading printer brands.

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