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Independent Ink offers OEM-compatible inks for digital wide format printers through our Sunclipse line. Our inks are perfect creating detailed, over-sized prints for both architecture and engineering. If your business frequently prints wide-format documents like architectural plans and specifications, contact Independent Ink today to learn more about how our high-quality, high-performance line of digital inks can reduce your printing costs.

Our Architecture Design Inks

We offer a wide variety of digital inks for the leading wide-format printer brands, including HP, Mimaki, Kyocera, Epson and more. Including solvent-based, pigment-based and water-based inks, our digital replacement inks can be used for:

  • Bid sets
  • Plans and rendings
  • CAD-compatible
  • Suitable for a variety of substrates, including paper, tracing paper and draughting film
  • Engineering prints

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Contact a representative at Independent Ink today to find the perfect match for your application and wide format printer.