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Markem Imaje

aerospace inks

Established in 1939, Independent Ink is a custom formulator of industrial and digital replacement inks and solvents. Independent Ink's engineers continually design and introduce new and progressive ink products to meet the needs of our clients and a changing industry. All of our aftermarket inks are quality-tested for performance and trusted by a wide range of government, military, industrial and commercial printers.

Independent Ink offers a variety of colors, sizes and styles of fluids for your Markem Imaje printer. Our replacement products are fully compatible with your name-brand printer and are available at affordable prices. When it comes time to purchase Markem ink, look no further than Independent Ink.

Please contact us with any questions or to purchase our Markem Imaje replacement inks today!

OEM Product ID Fluid Color Fluid Base iii Product ID Use With iii Cleaner
5100 Clear Ketone I-391 2026 W-68
5100 Clear Ketone I-232 2188 W-68
5100 Clear Ketone D2027MU D2027 W-68
5101 | 5135 Black Ketone 1017 I-117 W-68
5101 | 5135 Black Ketone 2183 I-117 W-68
5110 Black Ketone 2178 I-234 W-68
5117 Blue Ketone D2026 D2026MU W-68
5127 UV Fluorescent Ketone D2027 D2027MU W-68
5128 Red Ketone D2021 I-117 W-68
5135 Black Ketone 2158 I-117 W-68
5135 Black Ketone D2010 I-117 W-68
5144 Black Ketone D2022 D2022MU W-68
5149 White Ketone 2188 I-232 W-68
5151 Black Ketone D2023 D2023MU W-68
5157 | 5157E Black Ketone D2511-C6 I-117 W-68
5182 Black Ketone 2508 T-235 W-68
5191 Clear Ketone D2023MU D2023 W-68
5191 Clear Ketone I-117 Various W-68
5191 Clear Ketone D2026MU D2026 W-68
5191 Pink Ketone I-234 2178 W-68
5191 Clear Ketone D2022MU D2022 W-68
5200 Clear Alcohol I-237 1051
5202 Black Alcohol 1051 I-237
5230 Black Alcohol 2181 I-237
5700 Clear Water I-288 2259
5700 Clear Water I-290 2238
5702 Black Water 2238 I-290
5708 Fluorescent Orange Water 2259 I-288
6191 Pink Ketone I-267-1X 2237-1X W-68
7110 Black Ketone 2237-1X I-267-1X W-68
7135 7190 Black Ketone 2217-1X I-267-1X W-68
8188 Pink Ketone I-267-2X 2237-2X W-68
8661 Green Acetate I-454 I-454
9110 Black Ketone 2237-2X I-267-2X W-68
9154 | 9175 Black Ketone 2217-2X I-267-2X W-68
9277 Fluorescent Red Alcohol D1034 D1034MU
Postal Addiive M-I Clear Alcohol D1034MU D1034
Unspecified M-I Ink Black Ketone 2078 W-68
Unspecified M-I Ink Black Acetone D2224 D2019MU
Various, Cleaner Clear Ketone W-68 Various