What is digital printing?

Sunclipse Digital InksModern digital printing enables you to take an image from your computer and print it directly onto the surface of a material or product. Unlike an applique or silk-screen printing, digital printers are more flexible and produce a beautiful, highly-detailed finished product that can be easily customized for each print job.

Typically requiring a larger format laser or inkjet printer, digital printing takes away the hassle of having to reconfigure an ink-transfer process for each substrate or image. It allows for on-demand printing and short turnaround time. For more rigid or difficult substrates, you can even purchase specialty inks that do not permeate the substrate, but form a thin layer on the surface that is then cured with a toner or UV light.

Below are the various types of digital printing inks:

Dye Ink

Standard in most inkjet printers, dye-based inks are colorant dissolved in liquid. Typically, dye-based inks are also water-based.

Pigment Ink

Made up of a powder-like particles that adhere to the surface of your substrate instead of permeating the surface, these inks are typically brighter and more vivid.

Solvent Ink

Solvent inks are similar to dye-inks, but they are not water-based. Typically, these are used on substrates that are not absorbent and need an ink application that is water-resistant. These inks can also include eco-solvent inks, which include a solvent that has a lower environmental impact.

Sepaix Ink

With a thicker polymer-water-base, Sepaix inks are a type of pigment ink most often used on vinyl and coated stock.

If you are looking for digital printing inks, Independent Ink sells replacement ink for some of the leading digital printing manufacturers, including HP, Epson, Mimaki, Roland and more. Quality-tested for performance, but provided to you at a lower cost, our inks are the perfect solution for your business.

For any questions about digital printing or our products, contact us today.

About Independent Ink

Independent Ink Inc. was established in 1939 as a custom formulator of government and military specification inks and solvents. In 1980 a major U.S. bottler asked us to develop jet printing and make-up inks specifically formulated to work with continuous ink jet (CIJ) and drop on demand (DOD) printing equipment. With over 2 million gallons sold to date, Independent Ink is the nation's leading after-market manufacturer of jet printing inks and make-up inks.
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