The Advantages of Digital Printing on Fabric

Digital Printing on FabricTransferring ink onto textiles is an ancient practice used to add complex designs through screen printing. Digital printers for fabric printing are a relatively new invention, opening up a wide variety of new options for the textile industry. Using dye-based inks and specialty printers, it is possible to print on substrates from cotton to polyester.

Advantages of digital printing

Digital fabric printing has a number of advantages over screen printing because digital printers are more flexible to use.

Because digital printers can print small runs without wasting or over-using ink, companies can prototype designs before printing a full run. For this reason, digital printing can be a more economical option for many printers. Digital printers also enable companies to customize their design and directly apply images from a computer to fabric.

By utilizing eco-solvent inks and utilizing prototyping to minimize wasted materials, companies can also lower the environmental impact of printing on fabric through digital printing.

Types of digital printers for fabric

There are a number of wide format digital printers that can print on fabric, including the following main brands:

What type of ink should you buy?

Digital printing ink is chosen according to what type of substrate you want to print on. Different types of ink may be necessary for a nylon fabric versus silk. Take into consideration the structure of the fabric: how ink bonds with your substrate depends on properties like the weave or knit of the material. Contact Independent Ink to learn more about what type of ink is right for your specific application.

About Independent Ink

Independent Ink Inc. was established in 1939 as a custom formulator of government and military specification inks and solvents. In 1980 a major U.S. bottler asked us to develop jet printing and make-up inks specifically formulated to work with continuous ink jet (CIJ) and drop on demand (DOD) printing equipment. With over 2 million gallons sold to date, Independent Ink is the nation's leading after-market manufacturer of jet printing inks and make-up inks.
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