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Wire & Cable

Wire & Cable

Independent Ink is proud to offer printing solutions for the wire and cable industry. Specifically, the wire ink we provide allows for high quality marking on related areas of the wire and cable industry including pipe and tubing. Utilizing our wire inks, professionals can print on a variety of substrates including:

  • Plastics
  • PVC
  • HDPE
  • PET
  • Rubber

Our wire and cable ink is designed to accommodate all labeling needs including date and time functions, expiration dates, sell by and best use by dates, shift codes, rollover times and barcodes, both linear and 2D.

Professionals who use our FlexCode range of thermal ink jet (TIJ) printers based on LexmarkTM technology will also enjoy high-resolution printing, coupled with low cost-per-print and exceptional quality that often exceeds the requirements for text, graphics and barcodes within the wire and cable distribution chain.

If your particular application is not listed, please contact us online for more information.